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We've dragged the traditional beer pong into the digital modern age - kicking & screaming but now bigger and better.
Ours may be reworked in neon but don't worry, it's still getting balls into cups!

Presenting a super-fun activity that can be enjoyed with the whole family

Prices: £10.50 per table  •  for up to 8 players  •  price excludes drinks

1 session = 30 mins of your own PONG table, giving you a minimum of 2 games


We are committed to keeping kids active & for around £1.00 per person (any age) we think soft-pong is perfect.

Great fun for all the family, we use WATER int the cups. Or, for a little extra, any soft drinks fancy!

Kids are invited to play SOFT-PONG before 7pm any day

QUEENS is an over 18s only zone after 7pm every evening  •  Alcohol is not served in the PONG ZONE before 7pm

We suggest arriving 15 mins early for your booking time