"there's nowhere better to do this than at Queens Skate Dine and Bowl, which houses an ice skating rink, a bowling alley and the only West London outpost of MeatLiquor."

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The Nudge


Um, holy cr*p. We’re not sure why no-one has thought of this before, but we’re just glad it’s here now: go karting on ice. You and 7 other karts will get 12k sq ft of ice rink to drift, slide, and glide over for 20mins of insane fun. And you can grab a MEATLiquor burger afterwards.

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"it has also given rise to all sorts of spherical fun at Queens Skate Dine & Bowl. Because there, on each Friday of the tournament, you get to play footie yourself… only inside a giant inflatable orb. ON ICE."

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The Resident


"QUEENS: Skate Dine Bowl has relaunched its infamous Ice Karting. Racing at up to 35kph on specially modified go-karts, the ice presents new challenges for the most seasoned racing expert"

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About Us

QUEENS Ice Club, as the rink was originally known, opened its doors on 3rd October 1930.
Both QUEENS & The Grosvenor House Ice Skating Rink, were creations of architect & entrepreneur Alfred Octavius Edwards, who had a passion for ice skating.

Only QUEENS remains, and was the first rink used by the BBC for televised ice skating. For more history, click the image: