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We regret to inform you that Penguin Awareness Day at QUEENS has been cancelled.

The event was intended as a non-profit, educational & accessible experience to increase awareness and education about this beloved sea-bird, significant amounts of money were to be raised for Birdlife International. Overseen & approved by animal welfare professionals & governing bodies, helping penguins who are endangered in their natural habitat.

Sadly due to the concerns raised by various animal protection groups including PETA & Freedom for Animals – we have had to cancel the event in the interest of the penguins & our guests.

We thank you for your support and shared excitement about this event.
Refunds will be processed in the next 48 hours but if you would still like to reserve an ice skating session on please simply click HERE

What else can you do?

Penguins are now the second most threatened group of seabirds in the world, with 10 of 18 species under threat of extinction.

Helping us spread the word would be wonderful #ProtectAPenguin #PenguinAwarenessDay 

Polar bears are found in the Arctic, not the Antarctic. That's why polar bears and penguins will never meet; they're found in the north while penguins are found in the south. They are literally on opposite sides of the earth!

Fell free to donate direct to birdlife.org